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In Russia, they love games about pirates. They love not just to play, but in addition include them as - remember "Corsairs ".Moreover, Russian developers are really harsh that they, in splendid isolation, literally in nine months make a project, which, not surprisingly, is Sid Meier's Pirates! won't lay around the muscles, but has the capacity to attract attention. It's really down to Sink Again, which can be 95% expressed by anyone - our compatriot, hiding below the nickname Artem Flatcoon. The reason why the action good and what's not so good?

Sink Again is combining roguelike, board games plus some turn-based tactics and the aforementioned Pirates! You cannot find any full story campaign here, but you will find around two dozen separate scenarios that may very well be modules, ( during a board game.

And almost all about funny. So, in a single, regarding the actual pirate-rocker, you need to search throughout the archipelago for his former colleagues, demonstrate whether pick or drumsticks so they really eventually consent to reunite and offer a grand concert. And following the script, we have been asked to fire the ship carrying gunpowder to supply a grandiose fire show for that concert.

In other scenarios, we want fake knives to get a non-violent bloody ritual that meets the ancestor-honoring, but considerably more progressive tribe; collecting one of the most stinky bait to trap a whale how big a tropical; we're also buying heartless man who left his partner right at the wedding - at the same time it turns out that he literally lacks the heart, he hid it in substitution for eternal life. Well, everything is with the same spirit.

My little raft
Although the gameplay itself is quite serious. Scenarios can be performed at different numbers of difficulty. In the act, the game itself occasionally makes "autosaves", but if your team dies (for example, following your ship is launched towards the bottom), all progress might be reset will probably have to start over. Which is a shame, because passage for each scenario unlocks new items, characters, their traits, pets and in many cases forms of islands which will be available over the next playthroughs. Everything is sort of a typical "bagels ".

And when everything starts on Tortuga, where we use a team from the tavern. Initially, there can be a maximum of two pirates inside a squad, even so, under certain conditions, the amount of the gang increases. In the same place we equip them initially (for which you'll encounter enough piastres), go with a captain at the job (he gives one or another bonus for the whole team), buy food available on the market and visit sea.

Then your aspects of Sid Meier's Pirates begin! We sail on a spead boat between beautiful hawaii (which first has to be found), in the end can attack other ships, firing cannonballs and boarding. But other pirates along with their hunters also are sharpening their teeth on us.

Therefore, it is far better to pump the boat - in most ports there aren't only taverns (there you can change the composition from the detachment) and shops, but will also shipyards, where for a quantity they will increase the strength / speed / maneuverability on the vessel or the capability from the sides for guns. We will also be repairing the boat and replenishing the ammunition. Usually, things are in accordance with the classics.

This is the do i think the trade. Each port has market, and there it's very convenient to point out which backpacks are more profitable to promote here and the ones that to buy. And you could make money quickly enough by transporting bananas or wood involving the neighboring islands.

Normally, the nautical part is perhaps the weakest in Sink Again. The trade works, but primitive, goods tend not to deteriorate, and also the team won't consume food during the voyage and raise an uprising. It does not apparently exist in any way: the pirates hired by way of the squad don't affect the ship's behavior in a different way.

Storms and rains may occur, but which has no effect on the fitness of the vessel. Though the boat is capable of doing crashing into a port figure, should you not reduce on time, and even pay a visit to the foot of this - physics is also fun here! Well, in principle, something interesting rarely happens in the sea.

It happens which you swim for some time, without meeting anyone, but at most inopportune moment hunters for pirates can come and chase your boat. And to take part in battle using them before the ship have been pumped is useless. Which situation, which caused the failure of some scenarios, does not stimulate, but annoys - the appearance of hunters is just too big unpredictable, too strong initially, it truly is too hard to sneak away from them.

A pirate trait!
But also in the dungeons, the situation is more interesting. It possibly there is we perform the main tasks for your script. We feature out it inside a step-by-step mode - we hunt for and neutralize traps, open locks on chests and doors, and fight. You will also find treasure there - if there is a map in this dungeon as well as a shovel with your inventory.

The achievements all basic actions, the possibility of hitting / breaking / disabling / duration of movement - everything is dependent upon the roll on the dice, as well as by who performs the action and what machines are on it.
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